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Decisions Decisions

On your third day after the events of Eylysia’s stash, Drandle Dreng sends word that you are to meet him in his office. The scraggly beard that had served his disguise as a beggar has been shaved clean, his eyes watching your entry with a sparkle.

“Ah! My newest friends! I trust you’re all recovering well from that rather unexpected kerfuffle? Well I hope so because there are always plenty of jobs for the likes of us. I know I told you not to rush your decision to join the Pathfinders and I stand by that, but because of your eager service to the Society, I’m going to open up the job board to you.”

He paces behind his desk.

“You’ll see it right outside the mess hall of the Lodge. Let me know if you decide to pick one up!”

On your way out of the room, he calls out to you.

“And make sure you’re properly stocked for whatever journey you pick!”

As you walk down the staircase that leads to his office, you can hear him muttering to himself.

The job board is right where the Venture Captain said it would be. It’s covered with notes detailing various expeditions that merely await crews to undertake them. As you approach it, you see another familiar face inspecting the board.

“Ho there newbies,” Janira greets you,”glad to see you’re sticking with us for the time being.”

She studies the board for a moment longer, then seems to realize something.

“Hey this is your first time at the board, isn’t it? Well you see how each note has a color? The red and orange ones are predicted to be pretty difficult, for more seasoned adventurers than you and I. I’d stick with the green ones for now, they’re mostly retrievals and diplomatic missions, though that doesn’t mean they won’t take you a good ways afield.”
There are five green colored slips of paper tacked onto the board.

Primary objective: Discover the whereabouts of an artifact lost in a frozen dwarf city.
Secondary objective: Try to expand Society influence by making friends with locals.

Society operative Olandil has been trapped behind the Chelish blockade in Pezzack. Slip past the blockade and extract him without causing a political incident that could lead to massacre.

Help Ulisha earn enough money to pay off her bounty with the locals and she’ll give you the Silverhex.

Help recover treasure hidden by legendary pirate. Gloomspires usually bend reality to keep adventurers away, but they’ve stabilized for unknown reasons.

Informants tell us of the discovery of a forgotten temple in the jungles. Explore the jungle and find this temple.

Will you take one of the quests so offered or reject them and search for a worthy cause of your own?


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